This was FISH & CHIMPS 2022,
a night to remember.
Stay punk. Don’t be an antifishist.
(Very special thanks to our Torsten Westerpic for impressions)

Amazing news coming soon. Stay tuned!

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Al Capone

pays his taxes and the whales exhale!

Mysterious lyrics for a song about fiscal policy in Chicago in the 1920s.

Never mind prohibition, here's the Westerwaves!


Produced and mixed by the great Paula Lomeli.

video released September 24, 2020


by The Westerwaves


liner notes by Slavoj Žižek



"With The Divine Cup, The Westerwaves have created one of the most important pieces of art

of the 21st century. The album is a conceptual work that acts at the same time as an instrument of

social critique and as a transcendental element

of catharsis, in particular if you tend to like goats more than you should."


10 amazing tunes about the taliban, terror boyz,

Khomeini, Philip VII, Pierre Curie, the legendary

bootleg recording of

"Nobody cares about my Baby" and much more!


The Westerwaves | Nov 15, 2012

Friday was a party, and what a party it was!


Thanks to all the beautiful souls who joined the ceremony, to Coco Chanel for allowing us to play in her club, to NoBack Booking for the organization, and to Torsten Westerpic for the great pics.


Stay healthy, eat butter and see you in the next show!

The Coco Chanel Was A Punk Tour (2021)



 A gig full of surprises, political statements, celebrations of friendship, folk tunes

and intellectual degrowth. 


Just for you and for your emotional support hamster. Don't miss it!

@ the COCO Bar!

"Farewell, Gerard Westerwave.
Toughest fighter on and off the stage.
Forever in our hearts."

†  Gerard Westerwave (bass)

Legends among themselves:
Marky Ramone says hello to
Jesus Westerwave
(thanks go to Kris!)
THE DIVINE CUP by The Westerwaves. Liner notes by Slavoj Žižek

With The Divine Cup, The Westerwaves have created one of the most important pieces of art of the 21st century. The album is a conceptual work that acts at the same time as an instrument of social critique and as a transcendental element of catharsis, in particular if you tend to like goats more than you should.

The album starts with Culture Taliban, a complex portrait of modern societal struggles to conquer liberty making use of religious paraphernalia and bestiality, packed in the form of a sing-along punk anthem.

Captain Is Leaving The Boat, the second song in this collection of masterpieces, contributes to modern social theories of hierarchical thinking by stressing injustice and inequalities in post-capitalist Europe while allowing you to pump your fist in the air and scream “Step aside! Step aside!”.

Terror Boyz! is a deep self-critical assessment of child labour in industrialized economies and tells a story of exploitation and slavery of pre-adolescents, used as beer carriers for rock’n’roll bands. This song sets the path for a tune about entering the metaphysical maze of existence, accordingly titled Philosophical Detours. Legend has it that the lyrics of this song are coauthored with the renowned social philosopher Roberto Blanco.

Topless In Teheran stresses the duality of morals in phalocentric social contexts, as beautifully summarized in the anthemic sentence “Khomeini, he liked boobies but respected Ramadan”.

The contradictory nature of the ethical conundrum posed by the postmodernity of societal relations is also reflected in The Seven Sons Of Philip VII, a moral fairytale rooted in British history and where The Westerwaves show their gift for sophisticated yet humorous social critique.

Bat Soup Swinger Party and The New Legends Of Lincoln Park are seminal examples of the Westerwaves addressing the challenges of health threats and postindustrial urban landscapes, and are presented in new mixes that highlight their lyrical beauty for the first time in this album.

Finally, Flower Gardens Of Radiology concentrates on the hidden power of matriarchy within the natural sciences, as exemplified in the figure of its most relevant victim, Pierre Curie.

The album closes with an incredible piece of musical archaeology, the infamous bootleg recording of Nobody Cares About The Baby.
According to some sources, Paula Lomeli-Schrödinger made the band record this song live in a public toilet in order to capture the disappointment and despair felt by Baby Westerwave in the aftermath of the infamous Currywurst incident. The raw live recording does justice to this mythical tale of sacrifice and betrayal. 


released March 20, 2021

Produced and mixed by Paula Lomeli-Schroedinger

March 23,  2021

"Extra, Extra, Extra"


The specialized press reacts to The Divine Cup:


“The Westerwaves’ new album sounds as

if Johnny Ramone, Brian Wilson and an alcoholic imam had adopted a bipolar baby and fed him every day amphetamines for breakfast”


(New Musical Express)

Normal bands bring out a single with artwork referring to the A-side.


The Westerwaves are not a normal band,


so they also have artwork for the B-side.

Because the Westerwaves only have A-sides.


released September 24, 2020

When you least expect it, The Westerwaves kickstart the second wave of pestilence!


Bat Soup Swinger Party


The hardest working band in the penguin-punk scene release a mini-EP with three new tunes to short-circuit your neuronal networks.

A song about ordering bat soup while in a swinger party, another song about how neoliberals tend to wear hats and an amazing live recording of a Westerwaves classic, all for you to enjoy in Spotify, Bandcamp, or wherever you shoot your Westerwaves junk! Stay unsafe!


“ The best live album since Duke Ellington’s * Ellington at Newport* ” (Modern Jazz Times)


“ It made me want to eat chorizo (Morrissey)



“ If you play it really loud it heals syphilis ”

(Punk Medicine Review)


“ Man, do we ever love this guys. Irreverent, brave, amazing rock & roll.

(the lethargics) 



" I almost cried several times " 

(Anonymous member of the Econometric Society)



“ Amazing sound, great performance, I’ve never heard anything like this before ”

(The Monsanto Journal of Modern Music)



* * * * BREAKING NEWS  * * * * *


Easter Monday, another day of miraculous events!

You are probably amazed about The Westerwaves’

incredible productivity in the confinement weeks,

but you did not know what was expecting you today



And it’s called 




Apart from the songs about pyramids, tennis lessons and fiscal policy in Chicago that you already know, the album is full of jewels, including the first ever studio recording of the Socio-Ecological Transition Blues and songs about the ageing process of Asian women (Naoko), religious leaders in flames (The Pope Is Burning), the prediction abilities of our drummer (Forekasta), ordering pizza (Washington DC), Lithuanian apples as a challenge to agricultural commodity prices in the Balcans (Serbian Apple Whole O’Cost), figging (Ginger Girls) and modern philosophy (As Schopenhauer Said), as well as a power ballad for the lovers out there (Satanic Boyfriend). On top of that, new mixes of That Was Bowling and Lyrical Arsenal by Paula Lomeli.


Sit down, relax and enjoy the ride!


released April 13, 2020

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